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The nation has an abundance of talented cricketers, and there are a few states that excel at the national level. Bihar, famous for producing cricketing icons such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni, has experienced a remarkable comeback in recent times thanks to the efforts of the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA). This article aims to provide an in-depth insight into the BCA’s history, goals, accomplishments, and present status as it takes the lead in resurrecting cricket in Bihar.

Historical Overview

Bihar has a long-standing connection with cricket that dates back many years. Prior to the establishment of Jharkhand as a separate state in 2000, Bihar and Jharkhand were considered as one entity in the world of cricket, representing the entire undivided state. Esteemed cricketers such as Mahendra Singh Dhoni hail from this region and have achieved legendary status in the sport.

Despite its potential in cricket, Bihar faced challenges due to administrative issues, inadequate facilities, and limited opportunities for young players. However, there was a positive development in 2018 when the Supreme Court of India appointed a Committee of Administrators to supervise the functioning of the BCCI. As a result, Bihar cricket was reintegrated into the domestic circuit and the Bihar Cricket Association was formed, signaling a new era for the sport in the region.

Goals of Bihar Cricket Association

  • The Bihar Cricket Association has several primary goals that focus on rejuvenating the cricket scene in the state.
  • The BCA has taken proactive steps to improve cricket infrastructure throughout Bihar. This encompasses the building and refurbishment of stadiums, training facilities, and the establishment of cricket academies aimed at nurturing young talent.
  • The BCA places a strong emphasis on promoting cricket at the grassroots level, aiming to foster young cricketers in Bihar. They arrange a range of activities like age-specific tournaments, coaching camps, and programs for identifying talented players.
  • The Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) prioritizes the well-being of cricketers in Bihar and strives to ensure their welfare. The association offers financial aid, medical support, and additional perks to players who represent the state in different competitions.
  • Administrative Overhaul: The cricket administration in Bihar has been plagued by administrative problems for a long time. The objective of the BCA is to establish a transparent and efficient system of cricket administration that is devoid of controversies and conflicts.

Achievements and Milestones

  • The Bihar Cricket Association has accomplished numerous noteworthy achievements since its establishment.
  • The inclusion of Bihar in different domestic cricket tournaments has offered local cricketers a platform to display their skills on a grander scale. Consequently, Bihar’s cricketers have begun to gain acknowledgement and prospects at the national level.
  • The BCA has dedicated resources to enhance cricket facilities, specifically focusing on improving the quality of pitches, upgrading training infrastructure, and making stadium improvements. These efforts have made a substantial impact on the growth and development of local cricket players.
  • The association’s dedication to fostering cricket at the grassroots level is evident through a range of initiatives. These include hosting tournaments for different age groups, conducting coaching camps, and implementing talent identification programs. The organization’s endeavors have successfully discovered talented young individuals from Bihar.
  • The BCA has prioritized addressing administrative concerns and promoting transparency in governance. As a result, their endeavors have contributed to establishing a more structured and effective cricketing system in Bihar.

Current Status

Bihar Cricket Association has been making consistent progress in its efforts to rejuvenate cricket within the state. Noteworthy advancements have been made in enhancing infrastructure and fostering the development of cricket at the grassroots level. Consequently, cricketers from Bihar have started to establish themselves in domestic tournaments and have even earned chances to represent the nation.


The journey of the Bihar Cricket Association signifies a revival of cricketing excellence in a region with a storied cricketing past. Although there are still obstacles to overcome, such as the need for additional infrastructure development and administrative enhancements, Bihar is making progress towards reclaiming its esteemed cricketing heritage. With a combination of experienced players and a growing pool of young talents, the Bihar Cricket Association is poised to make a lasting impact on the cricket landscape of India. As Bihar continues its resurgence in the cricket world, it reinforces the belief that talent can thrive in unexpected corners of this cricket-obsessed nation.

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