Cricket Star Receives Prestigious Arjuna Award

The Arjuna Award holds great significance in India as it acknowledges and honors exceptional sporting talent. It symbolizes the nation’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating achievements in the field of sports. Derived from the legendary archer Arjuna in the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata, this award has a long-standing tradition and serves as a motivation for athletes to strive for excellence and contribute to the country’s sporting heritage. For several decades, the Arjuna Award has played a vital role in nurturing India’s sports talents, instilling discipline, and fostering excellence across a diverse range of sports.

The Origin and Progression of the Arjuna Award

The Arjuna Award, established in 1961, aims to acknowledge exceptional accomplishments in both national and international sports. Its purpose is to commend athletes who have consistently showcased excellence, commitment, and sportsmanlike conduct. The award serves as a source of inspiration, encouraging athletes to continuously pursue higher levels of achievement and become role models for aspiring sports enthusiasts.

In the first year of its existence, the inaugural edition of the event acknowledged and celebrated twenty remarkable athletes from various disciplines such as cricket, athletics, and hockey. These athletes were carefully chosen based on their stellar performances over the past three years, demonstrating their consistent commitment to maintaining a high level of excellence.

Throughout the years, the standards and procedures for determining the recipients of the Arjuna Award have undergone transformations in order to adapt to the dynamic nature of sports in India. Notably, the selection process has been broadened to encompass para-athletes, who have demonstrated exceptional prowess despite physical limitations. This inclusive approach has played a significant role in enhancing the diversity and overall vibrancy of Indian sports.

Prominent individuals and their significant contributions

The roster of Arjuna Award winners consists of renowned figures in Indian sports, both past and present, who have achieved great acclaim and honor for the country. This prestigious accolade has been bestowed upon athletes from various disciplines such as cricket, hockey, athletics, badminton, wrestling, and more. Among the distinguished recipients, there are notable individuals who have made a lasting impact on the history of Indian sports.

Milkha Singh, commonly known as the “Flying Sikh,” was a renowned athlete who received the Arjuna Award at an early stage of his career. His remarkable accomplishments in various sprinting events established him as a revered figure in the nation.

Sachin Tendulkar, an iconic figure in the world of cricket, was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1994. His exceptional talent and outstanding achievements propelled him to become one of the greatest cricket players in history, garnering immense recognition as a global sports icon.

P.T. Usha, famously dubbed the “Payyoli Express,” was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1985. Recognized as one of India’s most accomplished athletes, she excelled in various disciplines within the realm of track and field.

Sardar Singh, the ex-skipper of the Indian men’s hockey team, was honored with the Arjuna Award in 2012 for his exceptional leadership qualities and on-field prowess. His remarkable abilities and guidance served as a source of inspiration for aspiring hockey players of the following generation.

Mary Kom, an acclaimed Indian boxer who has won the world championship six times, received recognition for her achievements when she was bestowed with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2003. This accolade marked the beginning of her remarkable journey in the sport.

Abhinav Bindra, the pioneer of India’s achievement in shooting by becoming the first Indian to secure an individual Olympic gold medal, was honored with the esteemed Arjuna Award in the year 2000, symbolizing the commencement of his extraordinary voyage.

Challenges and Controversies

The Arjuna Award, a prominent accolade in Indian sports, has faced its own set of difficulties and controversies. Over time, the selection process has been a topic of discussion, with accusations of partiality and preferential treatment. As a result, several changes and improvements have been implemented in the selection process to promote transparency and equity.

In recent times, the growing commercialization of sports in India has emerged as an additional hurdle. The rise of profitable endorsements and the prominence of professional leagues tend to attract athletes with financial incentives, potentially diverting their attention from traditional sports disciplines. Striking a balance between financial prosperity and the sense of national pride and recognition, as exemplified by awards such as the Arjuna Award, has proven to be a challenging task.

The Arjuna Award in the Present Context

The Arjuna Award, in today’s context, symbolizes the epitome of sporting brilliance, recognizing not just the athletes themselves, but also the values of sportsmanship. The selection process for recipients is rigorous, involving committees consisting of sports authorities and retired athletes who thoroughly assess the accomplishments and contributions of the nominees.

Over the past few years, the award has gone through additional changes, incorporating new categories like ‘Lifetime Achievement’ that acknowledge individuals who have made enduring and noteworthy contributions to sports beyond their active participation. This particular category has celebrated some of India’s most distinguished sports figures, recognizing their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to the sporting world.

The Arjuna Award remains a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes throughout India. It acts as a guiding light for those who aspire to represent the country at the global level. The acknowledgment and assistance offered through this esteemed accolade serve as a driving force for athletes to conquer challenges, surpass their limits, and bring glory to their nation.


The Arjuna Award holds great significance in India’s sporting history, exemplifying the country’s dedication to fostering and honoring its athletes. Since its establishment, this prestigious award has acknowledged India’s most exceptional sporting talents, offering them the acknowledgment and support they rightly deserve. Despite facing obstacles and controversies along the way, the award remains a powerful symbol of achievement, motivating successive generations of athletes to set higher goals and pursue sporting greatness. As the legacy of the Arjuna Award persists, it will undoubtedly cultivate additional sports legends and cultivate a culture of sporting excellence across the nation.

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