A look into growing eSports scene in India

Esports in India

India has experienced a notable increase in the number of esports tournaments and events, catering to both local and international participants. Prominent examples include the India Gaming Show, ESL India Premiership, and DreamHack India, which have managed to generate considerable interest and engagement. The surge in prize money and sponsorships has not only attracted homegrown teams but also renowned global organizations. As a result, these competitions and events have played a crucial role in acquainting Indian gamers with international benchmarks, ultimately fostering the development of their skills and the expansion of a thriving esports community in the country.

esports in india

The gaming community in India has experienced an extraordinary rise in popularity, attracting a vibrant and youthful audience. The country’s enthusiasm for gaming, combined with advancements in technology and wider internet availability, has brought about a remarkable transformation. Consequently, India is now establishing itself as a significant contender in the global esports scene. This article examines the factors that are driving the growth of esports in India and delves into the numerous initiatives and prospects emerging from this thrilling industry.

The World of Gaming

India takes pride in its extensive population, particularly the large number of technologically inclined youngsters who have enthusiastically embraced the gaming phenomenon. With approximately 365 million gamers, the country’s gaming industry has witnessed remarkable growth. Furthermore, the availability of affordable smartphones and improved internet connectivity has made gaming increasingly accessible to the general public. This exponential rise in the gaming community has unquestionably propelled the rapid expansion of esports in India.

Tournaments and Events for Professionals

India’s esports industry has experienced a remarkable surge in professional competitions and gatherings, creating opportunities for players to display their abilities and compete on both domestic and global stages. Renowned esports events like the India Gaming Show, ESL India Premiership, and DreamHack India have garnered immense popularity, drawing in elite teams and players. Moreover, international tournaments such as the ESL One Mumbai and the PUBG Mobile India Series have played a pivotal role in fostering the advancement of esports in India, providing substantial prize money and widespread media attention.

Investing and Sponsoring

Esports has gained significant traction in India, attracting the interest of both investors and sponsors. Esteemed Indian business groups and global brands have acknowledged the immense opportunities in esports and are actively putting their money into this industry. These financial ventures not only contribute to the creation of professional gaming entities but also encourage aspiring players to pursue their esports careers. Moreover, the participation of influential sponsors elevates the quality of productions, making tournaments and events accessible to a broader range of viewers.

Gaming cafes and their infrastructure

The advancement of modern gaming technology and the rise of gaming cafes have greatly contributed to the growth and development of the esports industry in India. Gaming cafes, equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and fast internet connections, have become popular gathering places for gamers to come together, compete, and express their enthusiasm for esports. These cafes create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages friendly competition and camaraderie among players. The increasing prevalence of these establishments allows aspiring gamers to refine their abilities and prepare for professional esports competitions.

Recognition and Government Support

The Indian government has acknowledged the burgeoning esports industry and is actively supporting its development. To this end, the Sports Ministry of India has established the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) as the regulatory authority for esports in the country. Furthermore, several state governments have organized esports tournaments, offering financial aid and infrastructure assistance to players and teams. These endeavors not only foster the enthusiasm of young gamers but also enhance the standing of esports as a respected sport in India.


The world of esports in India is experiencing an impressive change, driven by an enthusiastic gaming community, up-and-coming talent, and growing investments. Thanks to infrastructure advancements, professional competitions, and government backing, India has firmly established its presence in the global esports landscape, highlighting a promising and prosperous future for this fast-growing sector.

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