Mumbai City FC: A Tale of Blue Success

In the midst of India, a country known for its immense love for cricket, there is a football club called Mumbai City FC that is making significant strides in the Indian Super League (ISL) and establishing its presence in a nation where cricket is dominant. This is the narrative of Mumbai City FC, a story that highlights their achievements and success in the football arena.

Mumbai City FC was established in August 2014 when the Indian Super League was still in its infancy.

Co-owned by the City Football Group, along with Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor and Chartered Accountant Bimal Parekh, the club aimed to bring top-tier football to Mumbai. The club’s choice of colors – blue and white – was symbolic; it represented the azure Arabian Sea that kisses the city’s shores.

Since its inception, Mumbai City FC aimed to transcend being solely a football club. Their vision encompassed being a catalyst for social transformation and the advancement of young individuals. By means of their grassroots endeavors and establishment of youth academies, they have facilitated the growth and development of promising talents, granting them the opportunity to leave an indelible impression on the Indian football landscape.

Early Challenges and the Introduction of Sergio Lobera

During its early seasons, Mumbai City FC experienced a combination of success and setbacks. While they demonstrated flashes of brilliance, they struggled with maintaining the necessary level of consistency to compete for the title. Nevertheless, the club’s fortunes took a positive turn in 2020 with the appointment of Sergio Lobera as their head coach.

Lobera, renowned for his offensive style of play, brought about a significant change in the team’s strategy. He introduced a possession-oriented philosophy that emphasized rapid passing and seamless movements. Thanks to his leadership, Mumbai City FC emerged as a dominant presence, securing triumphs and showcasing their goal-scoring prowess with finesse.

The Spectacular Victory of the 2020-21 Season

The 2020-21 season of the Indian Super League (ISL) marked a significant turning point for Mumbai City FC. Not only did they secure the first position in the league standings, but they also emerged victorious as the champions of the ISL for the first time ever. The team’s captivating style of play captivated fans throughout the nation.

One notable player who impressed was Bartholomew Ogbeche, whose exceptional ability to score goals led him to win the Golden Boot award. Working alongside him, Hugo Boumous, a midfield magician, elegantly controlled the game, generating chances for his fellow players.

Mumbai City FC’s backline proved to be impenetrable, largely attributed to the exceptional guidance provided by Mourtada Fall and the outstanding goalkeeping abilities of Amrinder Singh. The perfect harmony between the team’s offensive power and defensive steadfastness established them as a formidable presence on the field.

Going Beyond Sports: Embracing a Dedication to the Community

Mumbai City FC goes beyond mere victories on the football field; it also aims to win over people’s hearts. The club actively participates in different community endeavors. One such initiative is their “Young Islanders” program, which aims to empower disadvantaged children through the sport of football, offering them an opportunity to envision and achieve their dreams.

Moreover, the organization has been promoting the cause of environmental sustainability. They have introduced jerseys that are eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic sourced from the ocean. This initiative sends a powerful message emphasizing the significance of conserving our oceans and the planet.

The Road Ahead

Mumbai City FC has not only raised the status of football in Mumbai, but it has also set a new benchmark for the sport in India. Thanks to the support of the City Football Group, the club can tap into international football knowledge, which will undoubtedly contribute to its ongoing expansion and progress. This partnership has significantly impacted the growth and advancement of football in Mumbai and India as a whole.

The upcoming 2021-22 season holds great promise for Mumbai City FC as they continue their journey. The team has strategically acquired skilled players from different parts of the globe, while also keeping the core members of the championship-winning squad intact.


Mumbai City FC has become a beacon of hope for football fans in India, a nation known for its cricket obsession. The club’s success story showcases how, through a combination of strategic planning, financial backing, and a focus on nurturing young talent, football can flourish alongside the dominant cricket culture.

Mumbai City FC’s achievements extend beyond mere accolades. It is the fervor they have sparked within the hearts of Mumbaikars and fans all over India that truly defines their success. Their existence represents the prospect of a more prosperous future for Indian football, with the vibrant blue of Mumbai City FC illuminating the horizon akin to a radiant summer sky. As they progress on their path, Mumbai City FC relentlessly serves as a symbol of optimism for the game’s development in India, serving as a constant reminder that dreams can indeed be realized, even in a predominantly cricket-driven nation.

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