India vs Pakistan likely to be rescheduled

ODI World Cup 2023

odi world cup 2023

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has brought the issue to the attention of the International Cricket Council (ICC), expressing its concerns. However, a definitive resolution has not yet been reached as discussions are ongoing.

To address the matter comprehensively, the BCCI has scheduled a meeting with all the state associations that are hosting World Cup matches on July 27. The intention behind this meeting is to gather opinions and make an informed decision regarding the matter at hand.

In the original World Cup schedule, there is a designated double-header day on October 14. On this day, there will be two matches: England will compete against Afghanistan in a day match held in Delhi, while New Zealand will face off against Bangladesh in a day-night game taking place in Chennai. It is interesting to note that there are no triple-header days scheduled, but there will be two matches on six other days throughout the tournament.

The Indian cricket team is set to begin their World Cup journey on October 8 in Chennai, as they face off against Australia. Following this match, they were scheduled to play against Afghanistan on October 11 in Delhi before their highly anticipated clash against Pakistan. Moving forward, their next fixture is against Bangladesh on October 19 in Pune.

In relation to Pakistan’s schedule, they are set to face the Netherlands in Hyderabad on October 6th, which marks the second day of the tournament. Additionally, they will be playing against Sri Lanka on October 12th, also in Hyderabad. Following these matches, Pakistan is scheduled to compete against India, and their fourth game will be against Australia in Bengaluru on October 20th.

Given that the game is rescheduled for October 14th, it should be noted that the Pakistan cricket team will only have a one-day break between their matches in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. In contrast, the Indian team will enjoy a two-day gap between their matches. This tight schedule for Pakistan and a longer break for India could potentially impact the game.

The recent progress occurred approximately one month following the BCCI’s announcement of the World Cup schedule, which was notably delayed. Although the BCCI has not yet provided any details regarding the sale of match tickets, numerous fans and stakeholders have already made arrangements for their travel and accommodations in Ahmedabad, as this sporting event has traditionally garnered significant global viewership.

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