Shahid Afridi’s Monumental Blast: Unraveling the Story Behind His Longest Six

On October 9, 2013, a remarkable incident took place that mesmerized cricket fans worldwide. It was the awe-inspiring moment when the talented Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi unleashed a monumental six. This article explores the fascinating backstory behind this legendary shot, delving into Afridi’s illustrious career, the context of the match, and the far-reaching impact of this extraordinary hit on the game of cricket.

An Intriguing Figure of Shahid Afridi in Cricket

Shahid Afridi, widely recognized as “Boom Boom Afridi,” is a legendary figure in the realm of cricket. Hailing from the Khyber Agency of Pakistan, he rose to prominence swiftly upon entering the international cricket arena. Afridi’s dynamic batting technique, complemented by his leg-spin bowling, cemented his status as a formidable presence in the game.

Afridi commenced his journey with the Pakistan team in 1996 when he was just 16 years old, making him the youngest player to achieve an ODI century. Throughout his career, he displayed remarkable power-hitting, remarkable bowling performances, and a captivating personality that won the hearts of fans across the globe. Nonetheless, it was a specific six that would further solidify his legacy in the realm of cricket.

Pakistan vs. South Africa, 2013: A Closer Look at the Match

The scene was set at Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Stadium, where Pakistan and South Africa were about to battle it out in an important ODI series. Pakistan’s survival in the series depended on securing a victory, as South Africa had set a challenging goal of 263 runs.

Afridi had already made a notable impact in Pakistan’s pursuit, making valuable contributions with both his batting and bowling. However, what ensued during the second One Day International (ODI) of the series would go down in history as a legendary moment.

The Instant of Triumph

In the crucial moments of the game, Pakistan encountered a challenging scenario. In the face of frequent wicket losses, they sought a savior to guide them towards triumph. And that’s when Shahid Afridi stepped in.

Shahid Afridi confidently approached the batting position as the scoreboard showed that the team needed 57 runs to win from 35 balls. What followed was a remarkable exhibition of strength and boldness. In the 45th over, with the spectators filled with anticipation, Ryan McLaren delivered a ball that was pitched too short, practically begging to be hit. Afridi wasted no time in taking advantage of the opportunity.

With a powerful stroke of the bat, Afridi sent the ball soaring into the darkened sky. Suspended for what felt like an eternity, the ball eventually descended into the stands, leaving spectators in awe. This colossal six traveled an astonishing distance of 122 meters, shattering the previous record for the longest six ever witnessed in the sport.

The Aftermath

As the cricket ball soared beyond the boundary line, the entire stadium burst into cheers and celebration. Afridi’s remarkable six not only secured a pivotal win for Pakistan but also solidified his place in the annals of sporting history.

The remarkable achievement had a widespread impact, receiving praise from cricket legends, fans, and experts worldwide. It was an audacious display of stroke play by Afridi that left the cricketing community in awe. This magical moment went beyond borders, uniting cricket enthusiasts in their admiration for the game.

Legacy and Influence

Shahid Afridi’s remarkable six not only had a significant influence on that specific match, but it also made a lasting impression on the sport as a whole. It highlighted the strength and excitement that cricket possesses, attracting a fresh audience to the game.

Afridi’s bold and courageous style of batting has served as a source of inspiration for numerous aspiring cricketers, instilling in them the confidence to trust their own skills and wholeheartedly embrace a passionate approach to the game. Additionally, his daring and aggressive shot selection has contributed significantly to the rise in popularity of T20 cricket, which emphasizes the thrill of powerful hitting.


Shahid Afridi’s mammoth six in Abu Dhabi back in 2013 stands as an enduring symbol in cricket’s rich history. It perfectly exemplified the essence of the game, highlighting the boldness, strength, and sheer enjoyment that cricket encompasses. Afridi’s fearless batting style and his impressive capacity to perform under pressure have unquestionably made a lasting impact on the sport.

Shahid Afridi’s six was more than just a moment in cricket history; it symbolized the true spirit of the sport. Cricket has the incredible ability to bring together individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, creating unforgettable moments of brilliance. This extraordinary achievement by Afridi serves as a powerful reminder of cricket’s ability to captivate our emotions and inspire us with displays of greatness. The impact of Afridi’s phenomenal shot will forever remain in our hearts, a testament to the enchanting nature of this gentleman’s game.

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